Calumet Air Force Station Graffiti

For ~20 years, the Calumet Air Force Station sat vacant and relatively accessible to graffiti artists. This is a collection of their works. We make no claim of ownership of this art. This gallery is for documentation purposes.
WARNING: Some images contained in this album may be offensive to some people.

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Smoking Alien
I Can See You
Love Others Always
Flying Saucer Alien Head
Believe In Us
Bee Happy
Tropical island
I've Been Cold For Months
I took the copper...
What a Strange World, We Trade our Days for Things
Big Face
Unknown 6
The spelun-king STATIC
An image of a squiggly white ghost on the interior of a door.
A bird with a nest in a broken window. Technically not graffiti, but nature is art.
The words "Everything Is Fine" spelled out with a little smiley face at the end. The paint drops from the eyes look like tears. Maybe everything isn't fine?
A long face with some weird lips.
A red heart with a purple outline.
Look up at me, see a hero. Look down at me, see a fool. Look at me, see yourself.
The letters NBD. Maybe initials? Maybe No Big Deal?
The words "Oprah Has A Turtle Farm" in block letters.
A line face with defined nose and happy mouth.
Buy a Body. $9.99. Written on a closet door.
We See written with some big eyes overhead
The letters ZOSO with some squigly circle art underneath.
RHCP with some kind of logo underneath.
The words "Like My Soul" with a cat and heart nearby.
A face with a cyclops eye that is actually a hole in the wall.
A gorilla with "Acid Gorilla" written next to it.
"Burnt Toast" next to a face with blue hair.
A fish in a bowl with "Acid Fish" written underneath.
Graffiti mushroom
A smiley face painted on a rust fire extinguisher.
It's Rude To Stare written under some angry looking eyes.
A happy graffiti dog.
A graffiti ghost
Graffiti demonic humanoid
A rabbit possibly smoking somthing
Graffiti trucker hat with a joint.
Hekka chill skeleton with sunglasses graffiti
Russian Words