Calumet Air Force Station Graffiti

For ~20 years, the Calumet Air Force Station sat vacant and relatively accessible to graffiti artists. This is a collection of their works. We make no claim of ownership of this art. This gallery is for documentation purposes.
WARNING: Some images contained in this album may be offensive to some people.

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A mural of what appears to be the Quincy Mine Shaft.
Oh no, the shed fell over! Bloodshot eyes looking at the carnage.
Within Nature Lies the Cure to Humanity painted in sky blue on a house.
What seems to be a dragon painted in blue with the name Milton next to it.
Do You Listen or Just Wait to Talk?
Mirrored word "Love" with wings and a tail.
The start of a mural containing a stargate with a mine cart and other oddities.
Bloodshot Eyes with one bleeding red paint.
I don't even know how to caption this one.
Gerald the Acid Cat has a space helmet.
Some kind of trippy pink flower looking thing.
A window still in one piece with the words "Don't Break" painted on it.
Unknown 4
Keweenaw Academy Miners
Unknown 7
"Sum Village" written in a graffiti font with gray fill and black and red outlines.
Welcome to Nuketown, like the map from Call of Duty.
This Is All An Illusion - Don't Fall For It
Graffiti letters spelling YIKES with the initials SC and RB
Pink Floyd DSOTM album art.
Unknown art with a line face next to it.
An elephant with some serious tusks.
Alien with a pyramid shaped head or helmet.
Chief Hazy with a chief hazy like face drawn next to it.
A cool duck that just dropped a one liner.
Purple and black line art graffiti
Graffiti hand with a hole in it
Bug eyed graffiti monstrosity
A cool graffiti elephant
Graffiti dragon snake
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength
Don't Open Dead Inside
Black Heart
Rabid Wolf